About our Candle Fragrance Strength

Zionsville Candle Company prides itself on producing a truly natural soy candle product. As we don't add artificial stabilizers and scent strengthening ingredients, we are truly reliant on the natural properties of the fragrance oils, the soy bean wax, the wick or "fire power," and the color. These are the only items we put into the candle. As a result, some of our candles are stronger than others.

Many candle companies claim to be "triple scented," "saturated," etc. Well, the fact is, soy candle wax can chemically only hold a certain amount of fragrance before it becomes saturated like a sponge. In fact, candles that are "over fragranced" can even "leak" or "sweat." Some research has backed that over-scented candles can become fire hazards.

Zionsville Candle strictly follows our fragrance manufactures' guidelines on the total amount of fragrance to mix per pound of wax. We add the max safely allowed, and using our "Perfect Pour Method," make certain the fragrance is consistently mixed through-out our soy candles. But guess what, everyone is different, so we've found that heavier versus lighter fragrance choices is a positive! Not everyone likes an "overpowering candle," and for some people, too much fragrance is never possible.

I am crazy about your candles...the scents are incredible!

Reno, NV

How we rate our candles

We "score" our candles based on two properties: 1) the "sniff test," and 2) the "throw test."

The "Sniff test" is the "strength" a Zionsville Candle has to your nose prior to burning. Your sense of smell is as unique as your fingerprint, so everyone is different. But we estimate the Sniff test on a scale from 1 to 5, with 1 being lightest, to 5 being heaviest.

The "Throw test" is the strength a Zionsville Candle has as it's burning. Some of our candles are very light, and some will fill an average house! As a rule of thumb, the size of the candle has a lot to do with the throw, but different fragrances pack different punches as far as "throwing" the fragrance.

So a Zionsville Candle can have a max score of 5 for Sniff, and 5 for Throw.

If you're in the market for a heavy fragranced candle that you don't even need to light to smell, go with a hi Sniff score. If you're looking for a light candle fragrance, whether it's lit or not, go with a medium to low Sniff and Throw score. And if you want maximum fragrance, go with a high Sniff and Throw score!

Here's a list of our fragrances. We offer over 60 currently, and some seasonally throughout the year! lt = "light"

Fragrance Color Description Sniff Throw
Airport Cinnamon Buns Natural/Dye Free
Cinnamon Buns 4 2
Annie's Spring Rain Natural/Dye Free Spring and Airy 4 4
Apple and Oaks Natural/Dye Free Apple-ish 3 3
Bath Time Natural/Dye Free Baby Powder 3 3
Bonfire Natural/Dye Free Fire-Woods 4 4
Brick Street Cabernet Natural/Dye Free Cabernet 5 5
Bump and Crunch Pumpkin Cake Natural/Dye Free Pumpkin/Gingerbread 5 5
Bushel of Berries Natural/Dye Free Berries 5 4
Butter Cream Natural/Dye Free Butter Cream 2 2
Butterscotch on the Rocks Natural/Dye Free Butterscotch 2 2
Cafe Caramel Natural/Dye Free Caramel 3 2
Candy Cane Lane Natural/Dye Free Peppermint 5 5
Carrot Cake Natural/Dye Free Carrot Cake 5 4

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Natural/Dye Free Chocolate Chips 5 5
Chocolate Covered Cherries Natural/Dye Free Chocolate Cherries 5 4
Christmas on East 5th Natural/Dye Free Spicey and Sweet 4 4
Citrus Fresh Odor Eliminator Natural/Dye Free Lemon and Lime 4 5
Clothesline Breeze Natural/Dye Free Fresh Laundry 5 5
Coffee in Your PJ's Natural/Dye Free Fresh Coffee 3 3
Cool Springs Natural/Dye Free Summer/Spring 4 3
Daffodil Fields Natural/Dye Free Daffodil 3 3
Date Night Natural/Dye Free Men's Cologne 5 4
Ever Evergreen Natural/Dye Free Pine 5 5
Everyone Loves Lavender Natural/Dye Free  Lavender 5 4
Eve's Juniper Breeze Natural/Dye Free Fresh Floral 4 2
Eve's Tempting Apple Natural/Dye Free Apple Pie 4 5
Fresh Cucumber Melon Natural/Dye Free Cucumber Melon 3 3
Fresh Cut Grass Natural/Dye Free Fresh Cut Grass 5 4
Fresh Pear Natural/Dye Free Fresh Pear 4 1
German Chocolate Cake Natural/Dye Free Chocolate Cake 4 5
Ginger Peach Natural/Dye Free Ginger Peach 4 3
Gingerbread Island Natural/Dye Free Gingerbread 5 5
Hawaii Natural/Dye Free Gardenia 3 3
Holiday Gifts Natural/Dye Free Holiday Fragrance 3 3
Honeysuckle Natural/Dye Free Honeysuckle 2 2
Hot Cocoa Cold Day Natural/Dye Free Hot Cocoa 5 5
Hot Fudge Brownie Natural/Dye Free Hot Fudge 5 5
Jelly Bean Natural/Dye Free Jelly Bean 3 2
Johnny's Pecan Pie Natural/Dye Free Pecan Pie 3 3
Karl's Green Tea Natural/Dye Free Green Tea 5 5
Kathleen's Spiced Apples Natural/Dye Free Spiced Apple 3 2
Leather Boots Natural/Dye Free Leather 5 3
Lemon Pucker Natural/Dye Free Lemons 5 5
Lily of the Valley Natural/Dye Free Lily 2 2
Mom's Lilac Bush Natural/Dye Free Lilac 4 4
Movie Hot Buttered Popcorn Natural/Dye Free Buttered Popcorn 5 1
Nuts About Hazel Natural/Dye Free Hazelnut 4 4
Patchouli Natural/Dye Free Patchouli 5 4
Pina Colada Cruise Natural/Dye Free Pina Colada 3 3
Pure Natural/Dye Free Pure (no scent) 0 0
Purely Pomegranate Natural/Dye Free Pomegranate 5 5
Rose's Victorian Rose Natural/Dye Free Victorian Rose 4 4
Sage & Citrus Natural/Dye Free Sage & Citrus 5 4
Snow Angel
Natural/Dye Free      
Snow Flake Natural/Dye Free Floral-Holiday 2 1
Spearmint Natural/Dye Free Spearmint 4 3
Spicy, Dicey, Santa Natural/Dye Free Sweet/Spicy 4 4
Strawberry Champagne Natural/Dye Free Strawberry Champagne 3 4
Sugar Cookie Natural/Dye Free Sugar Cookie 2 2
Sunday Morning Hotcakes Natural/Dye Free Blueberry Hotcakes 5


Sweet Pea Natural/Dye Free Floral-Green Fields 5 5
Tangerine Dreams Natural/Dye Free Tangerine 4 3
Tulip Natural/Dye Free Tulip 3 3
Vanilla Silk Natural/Dye Free Vanilla 3 3
Warm Banana Nut Bread Natural/Dye Free Banana Nut Bread 5 5
Wild, Wild, Wolfeberry Natural/Dye Free Mulberry 4 4

Again, remember that everyone's noses are different! these are scores based on our staff's opinions.

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you can purchase our spa soy candles in any of the above fragrances.

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