How to Make Soy Candles

There are instructions contained in our candlemaking kits , we thought we would also publish them here for your convenience!

Be sure to watch our videos at the bottom of this page to see how to use our Soy Candle Making Kit. Running time is just over 14 minutes total for both parts.

What you’ll need: Included in your kit:

  • 4 lbs. Soy Wax
  • Choice of 4 Fragrances (1oz. each)
  • Lead-free Wicks
  • 3 Pouring Pans
  • 1 Sheet of Labels
  • Choice of Containers: 6 10oz. Apothecary Jars and Lids or 6 Travel Tins (3 8oz. Tins and 3 4oz. Tins)
  • Warning Stickers
  • 3 Color Bars: Red, Blue, and Yellow

Bring on your own:

  • Several cookie tins (4” by 8” by 4” tall- the kind you buy at the super market)
  • A baking sheet (at least 2 inches deep)
  • Several spoons
  • Safety glasses
  • Apron
  • Clean surface
  • Newspaper
  • Kitchen (that you’re willing to get a little messy)
  • Cooking thermometer

Intro It’s very easy to make candles. Anyone can do it. But making a candle that burns evenly, consistently is the challenging part. But if you’re making candles as a craft, for fun, or as a project with you kids, you’ll find that it’s easy, rewarding, and your candles will burn pretty well, at least for you to be proud of!

Double-boiler system You’ll be melting your wax using a “double-boiler” system. This means that you don’t directly heat the wax. Directly heating it will cause it to burn and can be hazardous. Instead, you heat the wax using a double-boiler, meaning the wax is heated within a heated pan, surrounded (in this case,) by water. The water is heated in the big pan, and the wax is melted in the smaller pan within the big pan. The water is what actually heats the pan containing the wax, so it’s evenly heated and you have total control over how fast it heats.

The wax will start to melt at @ 120° F, but you’ll probably warm it higher than this. Soy wax melts really quickly, but it can take a while to cool down. You don’t want to heat your wax higher than 160° F, or it can burn and take forever to cool. The longer it takes to cool and harden, you may be losing quality fragrance to evaporation!

Let’s do it.

1) Prep your containers on a clear surface. Place newspaper underneath to help control any wax spillage.

2) Prep your wicks in the center of the containers. Use a small amount of melted wax to “anchor” the wicks. There are also products on the market that you can use to anchor the wicks.

3) Melt wax until liquid (between 120° F and 140° F.) Don’t overheat. Once it’s liquefied, turn-off heat.

4) Add color dye until satisfied with color. It usually dries several shades lighter than when it’s liquid. You have to get a feel for this through trial and error.

5) Wait until wax is under 130° F. At or under 130° F, add the fragrance (1.3 to 1.5 ounce per lb of wax,) stir evenly, and pour liquid into containers.

6) Make sure wicks are drying in centered position. You can use a pencil to help keep the wicks stationary until the wax sets.

7) Make sure heat is off, clean wax while candles are setting.

8) Allow to dry for several hours (preferably overnight.)

9) Trim wicks to ¼ or shorter, place warning labels on bottom of containers.

10) Decorate candles with labels. Be creative!

11) Give as a gift or enjoy yourself!


Soy Candle Making Video Part 1
Soy Candle Making Video Part 2

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