A note from Chris A.:

The memory served to us by our sense of smell is amazing; powerful.

Recently, on a lazy, humid, Indiana evening, while riding my bike, I passed a strong-scented evergreen bush that instantly took me back to my youth - running through the neighborhood on a hot summer night, frantically trying to find a hiding place before my friends counted to "20." Hide & seek, trouble-free. My only concern was how much more time I had left before my parents made their last call to retire for the night.

Business is a passion for me, and the quest for a business I can be truly passionate about was a life-long goal. But one more thing.

Passing out candle samples to family and friends to "test" is a regular occurrence. But a story shared with me by my sister about a votive given to her months earlier captivated me. "Chris, could I have another one of the 'light green' candles?" "Why?" I replied. "Because when it's burning, and I close my eyes for a second," (she has FIVE young boys,) "I'm walking off the plane in Maui for a vacation. The smell the candle gives-off is uncanny- JUST like the smells of the Island. Something I never want to forget!"

So my quest for a business that I'm passionate about is now a reality. Not only do I enjoy the challenges of the business itself- Zionsville Candle Company, I get to provide a product that stirs the sense of smell that takes people to a favorite place. Maybe it's to their childhood, or perhaps a tropical island in the South Pacific. But I receive so much enjoyment from the compliments I receive about a special candle, and a special memory.

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