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18 oz unscented contemporary (5/5) Dec 29, 2012 Cinda Kochen Boulder CO US
  I used both of these candles at our annual Christmas party and was very happy with both.

The 18 oz was used inside of a beautiful cut glass cover and I had been concerned that the candle's own glass container would be too big to fit inside my cut glass cover. But it did fit and the fact that there was a double layer of glass meant that there was even more reflected "sparkliness." I ordered an unscented candle because I had it on the food table and didn't want any scent interfering with the taste of the food.
beautiful healthy candles (5/5) Jan 2, 2015 Dixie Gamble Ventura Ca US
  I have been ordering from Zionsville for many years and have always been pleased with the candles and how the order was processed. Everybody Loves Lavender is my favorite, but I'm sure there are many others I would love. I often recommend this company to friends who are chemically sensitive or reactive to strong scents.

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