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Eve's Juniper Breeze (5/5) Sep 4, 2011 Cyndi Smith Springfield Oh US
  I enjoy the clean semi-sweet aroma of this huge tart, that I haven't tried any of the other four. I just love it. It lingers in every room in the house.
Fresh brownies!!! (5/5) Sep 14, 2010 Pamela Felton Pennsylvania US
  I ordered two 5 packs of tarts but I've only burned one so far. I have the Hot Fudge Brownie in my tart warmer as I type. I wasn't impressed by the cold sniff but now that it's heated it's to die for! Smells like I have a double batch of fudge brownies in the oven! I'm blown away by the aroma! Yum!
Soy Tarts 5 Pack! (5/5) Nov 20, 2009 Diana Perkel Haverhill MA US
  I chose on my next to last order to recieve the package of 5 huge tarts - Rose's Victorian Rose; Lovely and truly what my longstemmed Roses smell like in full bloom, I also ordered Daffodil Fields - nice lemon yellow color, not an overpowering scent. I Ordered Tulip - lovely magenta color and again, blooming floral scent. I also ordered my favorite, Clothesline Breeze, a robin's egg blue and clean smell and I admit that if I run out of that scent I go into withdrawal.

I imagine that since winter seems to be upon us at this juncture, I am heading toward your more powerful floral scents like Lily of the Valley (White) and Mom's Lilac Bush (Lilac/violet color.) These scents i adore, and will keep my home smelling like a botanical garden all winter. I break up my candles and put them into tart wamers, mixing and matching scents depending upon my mood and the mood of my husband, the smell of a wet dog, cat box, normal home smells that these wonderful candle scents blend into rather than just a cover up like a supermarket room spray (UGH)!
Soy Between Friends (5/5) May 11, 2010 BARB REED HARRISON OH US
  i began giving Tarts to friends for special ocasions and they love it. I am very impressed at the quality and service from Zionville Candle Company. I'm glad that my purchses will also give me some rewards eventually in more product. I burn soy all day long and everyone comments on the great fragrance in my home.

Thanks Zionville/Roy for introducing soy to me. No more black walls????

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