Zionsville Candle Company Rewards Program

We feel it is important to treat our customers special so we developed our Free Soy Candle Rewards Program.

Our Soy Candle Rewards Program is our way of showing you that we care about you and appreciate your buisness. After all without you we cannot keep our business going.

**Zionsville Candle Companies Soy Candle Rewards Program is free to join **

Here is how the program works.

All you need to do is register for an account when you go to checkout with your order.

Then every time that you come back to order again be sure to log into your account when you are on the checkout page.

We have 6 different rewards that will be given away for Free to qualified customers. Depending on which products you purchase you can qualify to earn any of the following gifts.

A 24 oz Soy Apothecary Candle

A 16 oz Soy Apothecary Candle

A 10 oz Soy Apothecary Candle

An 8 oz Soy Tin

A 4 oz Soy Tin

A 3 oz Soy Votive

Every product in our store is assigned a value of 1 point toward a particular Free Soy Candle listed above.

Once you create an account and start shopping, our store will keep track of everything that you purchase. The store will then apply points to the appropriate Free gift. When you qualify for a Free item a link will pop up telling you so.

Our store will automatically keep track of your purchases over time and continue to add points to your account.

The points that you earn stay in your account until they are redeemed.

Each Free Soy Candle needs 10 points to qualify.

For Example:

You make a purchase today which qualifies you for 5 points toward a paticular Free Soy Candle.

You come back to our store to shop again in 3 months and earn 2 more points.

Then you don't come back again for 2 years. When you come back you make a purchase that qualifies you for 3 more points. Congratulations!!! You will then earn your Free Soy Candle.

Your Loyalty will not be forgotten and you will be rewarded no matter how long it takes you to qualify.

Our Rewards Program is just one more thing that sets us apart from all of the other companies. Join our rewards program now!

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