Zionsville Soy Candle Testimonials

I have really enjoyed my candles from Zionsville Soy Candle Company. I am an environmentally-conscious person and I love that soy candles do not increase the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere in the home because they are all-natural!

I also like to buy locally made and sold products whenever possible, which is why Zionsville Soy Candle Company is a perfect fit for my lifestyle!

Thanks! I'll be ordering soon!

Natalie D.
Bloomington, Indiana

I have enjoyed the Zionsville candles for the past few months. I just love how they burn clean and I don't have to worry about black smoke making marks on our freshly painted walls.

Your candles burn for so long and I don't ever get tired of the scent. Your candles are also great for giving as gifts. That is how I got started with the Zionsville candles.

Someone gave one to me as a gift and now its something I can't live without in our home. I'm looking forward to trying more of the scents.

Thank you Zionsville candle company for being a great company order from.

Jill Harris

I am crazy about your candles...the scents are incredible!

Reno, NV

In the past, I was a big fan of Yankee candles. However, I noticed black soot on my walls and on items near where I was burning these candles.

I followed the directions of keeping the wick trimmed and not burning for more than 2 hours, but NOTHING worked! I knew that soy candles are known to burn clean. So I. Goggled the Internet and came across "Zionsville Candle Company"!

I was impressed with their "Candle of the Month" club, so I started out that way. First, much cheaper than purchasing two Yankee candles! Second, they smell great and burn CLEAN!!! Yes, I finally found a product that does what it states! I can even burn them 5-6 hours and the scent fills the house without soot!

I am tickled that I finally found a candle that burns clean.

I highly recommend this company and their products! They stand behind their products too; I contacted Roy about my Candle of the Month shipment. One of my two candles had melted after the box was left on my porch in the excessive heat. He was happy to replace it without hesitation.

You won't go wrong by ordering from this company and using their products too! I love 'em!

Judy H.
Cockeysville, Maryland

"After we purged our home of every NON-soy candle we had due to the severe soot damage burning regular candles caused to our walls, cathedral ceilings, upholstery and window treatments...we began a search online for the perfect soy candles---known for their little to no-soot release, reputation.

We found the Zionsville Candle Company. We love their pure soy candles and the plain contemporary glass containers in which they are delivered. Our preference was the non-scented version. They burn forever---and they burn clean!"

We'll be ordering more...we love your candles.

Todd L. and Nancy P.
Farmington Hills, Michigan

As a 3 year cancer survivor, my life now revolves around products that are beneficial in avoiding or fighting cancer.

After research that advised the smoke from candles puts us at risk in developing cancer, I learned that candles with high soy content are the candles of choice for cancer-awareness people.

It then follows that I, who love to light up my life with candles, would then seek a company who offers a wide variety of soy candles and whose customer service is exceptional.

Enter Zionsville Soy Candle Company. What more can I say?

Sandra Watson
Ocean Springs MS

After trying several brands of soy candles, I've learned Zionsville Candles are definitely superior to all others in choice, appearance and aroma.

Competitive pricing and good service add value to the products. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Vince R.
Lenoir City, TN

I went looking for organic candles, because regular paraffin candles irritated my lungs, and I really love candle-light especially when I have friends over the house for dinner.

I have asthma, so candles weren't even an option anymore till I discovered soy candles. What a difference!

They burn cleaner and give off just as much light as any other candles.

I really cant thank you enough for making a product I can really get behind. Now, all I have in my house are soy candles from your company.

Thanks, Zionsville Candle Company.



Len Improta, Santa Rosa, Ca

I love your candles they smell so good. I haven't been able to order for a long time because I did not have a credit card and now I see that paypal is accepted and that is perfect for me.

Thank you!

Deborah K
Fort Drum Ny.

I purchased some Apothecary 24oz Soy Candles from Zionsville Candle Company because they had a lovely array of scents to choose from.

I awaited my package with much excitement and was more than pleasantly surprised when they arrived.

Beautiful and fragrant, my entire family loved our candles and look forward to buying more!

I would highly recommend these wonderful candles to anyone looking for high quality natural soy candles at exceptional prices!

Stephanie R.
Mountlake Terrace, WA

I really appreciate the newsletters and have been sharing with family and friends of whom still burn paraffin candles.

A few years back when I was using paraffin candles, alot to be honest. I forgot to blow one out in the bathroom, which was a rather large bathroom one night before going to bed. I ended up having to paint the ceiling and wash down the walls and everything hanging up on the walls, it was disgusting, the multiple sink full of water were just black with residue. That is basically what did it for me on paraffin candles and I began to look for an alternative, which led me to soy candles.

I can honestly tell a difference in the air quality in our home with switching our house to totally all soy candles. They smell wonderful and they do last longer.

Merry Christmas,

Paul and Jennifer.
Indianapolis, IN

I decided for this past Easter that I would purchase a good soy based candle for my daughter. I searched on line and found Zionsville Candle Company.

I have never purchased candles on line before because I do not trust their fragrance. However, this time I decided to try it.

I not only ordered a great candle for my daughter, but two for me.

I reluctantly sent my order in and hoped they would smell good and burn clean. Well, I was grateful when I received them and the fragrance that came out of the box when opened was amazing.

No kidding. I was so happy. My instincts were right. The first time I took a chance to order candles on line was a success.

I have never bought from anyone else since. They smell great and burn wonderfully.

My Thanks,

Brenda F.
East Greenville, PA

Dear Zionsville Candle Company,

Thank you for my wonderful candles. We don't really see the changes of seasons here in California, but the Bump and Crunch Pumpkin, Candy Cane Lane, and Gingerbread Island really gave our house the feeling of Fall! Thank you for the speedy delivery and excellent value. We'll be ordering more soon.

Best regards,

Alycia S.
Woodland Hills, CA

I am so excited about your new Rewards Program, I have been burning your soy candles for over 2 years now and I absolutely love them! I won't burn anything else.

My favorites so far are Bump and Crunch Pumpkin Cake and Airport Cinnamon Buns.
I love trying new ones and have not been disappointed yet.

Thank you,
Luanne P.


Zionsville candles beat all soy candles on the market today.

They burn cleanly, they burn with no mess of spilled "wax", and they have the greatest array of scents out there.

This company is very service oriented and wants to please it's customers.

I've been a customer for years and I continue to purchase on a regular basis.


Jeanne R.
Littleton, Colorado

I wanted to thank you for taking the time for comforting me in my time of despair at the loss of my black lab, Chloe, 2 weeks ago. I also wanted to mention that Clothes Line Breeze is still my favorite scent ( I just adore the Robin's egg blue color!!!) I also tried samples of Lily of the Valley and Mom's Lilac Bush. I found both to be very pleasing and felt as if I was walking by a beloved botanical garden; the scents were true to their name (as were the candle colors!)

My personal trick of use is to burn my candles, which I break up and burn in a glass tart burner and I have a chance to mix and match my scents depending on my mood for the day and I am going after the floral scents because winter in New England is just around the corner and I can keep a spring feeling in my home. I also love Soy candles, how clean they burn, melt, combine, and are born and made in the USA and by people who I think feel similarly.

Thank you so much for your wonderful products and I will keep in touch and keep on trucking and trying more so I can find just the right mixes....

Yours truly,

Diana P.
Haverhill, MA

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