Zionsville Candle Wick Certificates

Each Apothecary candle is accompanied with a “Wick Certificate” that tells the unique story about how this candle was "born." These "Wick Certificates" are "real" stories that our customers really enjoy. They give our candles a personality.

Annie's Spring Rain
I’m the only one who can call her "Annie." I made a sign for her in woodshop (in 7th grade) - "ANNIE" Purple letters on a yellow board. My sister. She has 5 boys and 1 husband, (and she had a cat named Shelby and a dog named Hanna.) She’s always been there for me. Thanks Annie.

Airport Cinnamon Buns
"Oh my gosh, we only have 5 minutes to catch our plane…" This is a familiar statement for the Anderson family. But… Running through the airport to catch our plane or connection always stirs up the yummy smell of cinnamon buns. "You get in line, and I’ll get the buns." O.K. There are few treats so sinful while in a state of panic that we SO enjoy. But once we board the plane, it’s all worth it. No cell phone, no interruptions. Just me, Marnie, the girls, a DVD or two for the flight, a destination we’re looking for, OH, and those Wonderful Cinnamon Buns…!

Apple and Oaks
Our Apples and Oaks Fragrance has so many meanings to so many different people. I’ve been told, since starting Zionsville Candle Company, that your olfactory sense is as unique as your fingerprints! That explains why Apples and Oaks means so much to so many people. To me, it means stopping along the road, in southern Indiana, to purchase some apples and cider (in the fall.) To our horse friends, it brings to memory feeding apples to their best equestrian friends. To still others, it brings memories of Halloween, Barn Dances, or football fall outings as the winter months approach. Take a whiff. Let me know. We think you’ll enjoy!

Bath Time
Splashing, giggling, and scrubbing between my toes. Bath time was so much fun. I remember playing with my toy pirate ship. Each mound of bubbles was a different island. Ahh! Watch out! The giant rubber ducky is about to attack the ship! Bath time wasn’t just a time to clean up; it was a time to go on imaginary adventures.

Think back to those High School Days. Bonfires on a Friday Night right after the game. Your arms around your sweetheart and not a parent in sight. The crackling of wood and the beauty of the glow of a fire, oh those days when we sat around the BONFIRE!

Brick Street Cabernet
Oh, our Brick Street. On a lazy summer evening sitting at one of the outdoor restaurants, watching the people stroll by, with a glass of Cabernet. Many have tried to recreate the ambience of a town like Zionsville, with its antique shops, art galleries, and special restaurants. Our Brick Street is just like a fine glass of wine. Aged to perfection, prepared with thought and care, and designed to be enjoyed.

Bump and Crunch Pumpkin Cake
Which part of the pumpkin cake do you like best? The moist cake with all of the great spices, or the rich cream cheese frosting on top? I love it all! It tastes even better when you can enjoy it with your friends and family during the holidays. Each big bite reminds me why this time of year is so wonderful.

Bushel of Berries
"A Bushel of Berries wouldn’t ruin our friendship." That’s what a WISE salesman told me to say to clients thinking about canceling their order. But a Bushel of Berries means more that an order. It means nature, readying for a feast or party. But I guess I now know why he was wise.

Butter Cream
It’s the Icing on the Cake, with Butter cream. A one year old’s treat, as they eat their "first" bite. The mess they make to the entire families delight. Pictures of their faces and the disaster on the floor. Highchairs covered with the icing of their First Birthday Cake. It will cover their hands, their feet and even their hair. Bath time it is when their cake is gone. Their party is done and they are now ONE.

Butterscotch On The Rocks
We love Butter Scotch Pudding. It smells and tastes so good. But the tradition at our house during the holidays twists our love of Butter Scotch Pudding into a social activity. And this is where the "on the rocks" comes in. Sitting in front of the fireplace with a bowl of Butter Scotch Pudding, while sipping a glass of Scotch. My nose catches fire and my taste buds rejoice. Then the stories start. I' m not sure who invented the pudding or the drink, but I'd like to hold my glass (and bowl) up high as a toast. Enjoy...

Cafe Caramel
So smooth, so creamy, when you're in the mood for something sweet nothing compares to caramel. Coffee's perfect compliment. Just sit back, get cozy, and take a sip. As the leaves fall outside, you'll be warm inside with your oversized mug of cafe caramel. There's no better way to usher in autumn.

Candy Cane Lane
A choirmaster from the Cologne Cathedral in Germany is credited with starting the tradition of the Candy Cane. Christmas trees in Europe were often decorated with candy, and the “bent” stick of hard candy was representative of a Shepherd’s crook. Today, the Candy Cane reminds one of the holiday season. Gathering with family to celebrate Christmas, decorating the Christmas Tree, and rejoicing for another year together.

Carrot Cake
Sharing memories and treasured times with Grandma. We would sit and play games while Mom and Dad worked. I miss those days with her. I can’t explain just why, but the smell of carrot cake, with it’s spices, remind me of Grandma. I enjoy a Slice of Carrot Cake every once in a while and remember Grandma!

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Have you ever had a warm chocolate chip cookie with a glass of milk? I bet you have. Grab it off the plate, sit down in the chair next to the fire, and start the dunk. Not too far. It will get soggy and you run the potential of losing it into the sea of white. Just get it right and your palate will thank you forever. The only bummer is when you get to the end.... maybe I should help myself to another one. MMMmmmm!!!

Chocolate Covered Cherries
Sometimes at Christmas, sometimes at Valentine’s Day... no matter what time of year it is they’re always a decadent treat!

Christmas on East 5th
Mom and Dad really loved Christmas. Although it wasn’t easy, they ALWAYS treated us to a FANTASTIC Christmas. The white-flocked tree, and Dad coming home from work just-in-time for us to awaken to see what Santa left. My favorite Christmas was when I received my Atari5600. Before computers. WHAT JOY! Thanks Mom and Dad. Now it’s my turn!

Clothesline Breeze
There’s nothing like the fresh smells of linen on a cool spring day. I remember my grandmother pulling the clean clothes off of her old-fashioned clotheline and helping her fold them. To this day, the smell of freshly cleaned clothes takes me back to those memories.

Coffee in Your PJ's
Coffee is a staple at our house. The best way to share a hot cup of java is on a Saturday morning, just out of bed in your PJ’s. Maybe on the screened-in porch, at the kitchen table reading the newspaper, or in your favorite chair with the cat on your lap. Sometimes, if it’s cold outside, we light a fire. There’s just not enough that can be said about Coffee In Your PJ’s.

Cool Spring
Indiana has hundreds of rivers and springs. And it’s not difficult to find them. Walking along one of the springs is as close to untouched nature that you’ll find. Our annual excursion into the woods occurs in the springtime, when it’s Morel Mushroom season. The mushrooms can be found close to the rivers and springs. Don’t fall in!

Daffodil Fields

Date Night
Home from class. Just worked out. Hot - even after the shower and walking home in the cold Indiana weather. Got a HOT date. Oh, BOY! Something extra needed. A shot of cologne for my hot DATE NIGHT! Wanna know what happened? She married me.

Ever Evergreen
The other day, my remote-controlled plane got stuck on top of an evergreen tree. As I chucked my jacket and started to climb, I was whisked back to my childhood. Climbing to the top of an evergreen tree, getting the sticky-goo between my fingers, smelling the scent of Christmas or the woods. Peaking my head out to see the roof tops of my childhood street, I caught a glimpse of my childhood heart... oh, and there’s my plane.

Everone Loves Lavender
We couldn’t decide what to call our lavender scented candles. But one thing we could all agree on is "EVERYONE LOVES LAVENDER" If you don’t, just give it a chance. In fact, I’m CRAZY about lavender. Lavender soap, candles, incense, air freshener, you name it.

Eve's Juniper Breeze
November 25, 1998 changed my life forever. I became a father. And she’s definitely Daddy’s Girl! Just like me - in so many ways. We’ve had so much fun, and I can’t wait - so much more to come! I love you EVE!!

Eve's TemptingApple
I have a theory about Eve and the apple. Please don’t take offense. I think the reason Eve gets a bad wrap is because she was curious to learn. This created friction against the wake and the norm. All of a sudden naked and cast from Eden. Ray Kroc said, “If you’re green you’re growing, if you’re ripe you’re rotten. Maybe God intended for Eve to be curious. After all, he is God. Please don’t take offense. I might be wrong. But don’t you think, in general, we’ve done all right so far since that first temptation?

Fresh Cucumber Melon
When we went to the bank, the bank teller would send through a sucker, or two. Remember the Dum-Dum suckers? The little wrapped Dum-Dum suckers that tasted great...Yum. They should have been called Yum-Yum’s. The only problem was trying to figure out what to do with the soggy white stick.

Fresh Cut Grass
Fresh Cut Grass. Can you smell it? I used to make $5 to mow the neighbor’s lawn. Once a week, more or less. Pushing the mower, up and down the hill, my white tennis shoes turned green. The wheels of the lawn mower caked with fresh cut, moist, grass. It smelled great. When I catch a whiff, it takes me back. Time to mow...

Fresh Pear
I love the taste of a Fresh Pear. My neighbors had a pear tree. When we played in their back-yard, we’d get our fill of fresh pears, right off the tree. Now, many years later, my daughters love sliced pears, cut up into cubes in a bowl.

German Chocolate Cake
German Chocolate Cake is an invention brought to the Midwest by German Immigrants. It took its name from a German Immigrant named “German.” It quickly spread across the U.S. after a recipe was published in Texas in the 1950’s. It’s exciting to know the history, but I like to be a part of the result of the heritage. A serving of German Chocolate Cake with a cup of coffee. It’s snowing outside. One more piece please…

Gingerbread Island
Mr. Gingerbread is leaving on a very important trip- a vacation on Gingerbread Island. He’s going to stay at the Gingerbread Hotel and is planning on attending the Gingerbread Recipe Convention. After a long, relaxing airline flight, his limo drops him off in front of the five start resort. Before dinner, he chooses to play a few rounds of video poker at his favorite “Gingerbread Bar.” His favorite bar tender serves him a “Gin” and tonic, and he hits a royal flush He’s awakened the next morning to the sound of the surf hitting the beach. It’s sunny outside, and he hurries to reserve his poolside seat. Mr. Gingerbread never makes it to the convention. After all, he already knows the recipes. This was a tax-write-off from the start.

Ginger Peach
In our front yard we had a peach tree. There was no juicier peach than one picked ripe off of our peach tree. Peach pies, peach cobblers, peach cakes... they were all delicious.

How could I EVER give justice to writing anything about my wife, partner, companion, mate and friend, Marnie? Okay, let me try. I’ll compare our relationship to the one place she INSISTS on visiting each year.....Hawaii. Beautiful, warm, inviting, relaxing, sensual, forgiving, an old friend waiting, welcoming, there for you. Paradise. My soul mate for the rest of my life.

Holiday Gifts
Are you a last minute shopper? Or do you do your buying months in advance? Like many other things in life, there’s not many "middle of the roaders" (if roaders is a word?) I’m a last minute shopper. And I love it. That is, until... I have to find a parking place, and brave the check-out lanes. But I still love the excitement. Merry Christmas!

Breath it in. Fresh & aromatic. Now, let it out. Honeysuckle sitting on my neighbor’s dining room table. She loved HONEYSUCKLE. Some scents take you back.

Hot Cocoa, Cold Day
We'd play in the bitter cold at the Temple's for hours upon hours. My friend had a dirt bike and a HUGE backyard. There was a familiar path we'd ride. Oh...so cold. All the way around the path. OK, your turn. We'd start at noon. In what seemed like minutes, it would be getting dark. Time for one last turn, then time to go inside to the warm fire, and for a glass of hot cocoa. Marshmallows melting around the rim, as we peeled-off our wet, frozen, snow pants and winter jackets. Stockings slightly wet, we'd proceed, (with our cup of hot cocoa,) to the dining room table for a game of Battleship. How I miss those days, and HOW I hope my girls have similar memories.

Hot Fudge Brownie
My Dad, William F. Anderson, LOVED getting a Hot Fudge Sundae at the local Ice Cream Shop in Peru, Indiana. I know this is “Hot Fudge Brownie”, but it reminds me of a “Hot Fudge Sundae,”...and Dad. Dad passed away in 1993. I wish I could spend one more minute with him. I’d really like for him to meet his granddaughters. He’d be so happy, because they have his sense of humor, and love of chocolate.

Jelly Bean
Packed with flavor, a new dessert every time. Whether it was fruit punch, strawberry, lemon or licorice every bite is a Spring Delight. Take a handful or just one at a time, a JELLY BEAN is always a favorite of mine.

Johnny's Pecan Pie
JOHNNY! I remember as a young boy visiting Grandma's house, visiting Johnny's room. I'm quite certain it looked the same as when he still lived there. Shelves upon shelves of models - the planes, dinosaurs, and movie characters -Dracula, The Werewolf, Frankenstein, and a plethora of other models. A neat little bed where a child lived his life, dreamed his dreams, and eventually, went out to the real world. Now, 30 years later, MY nephews visit my Mom's house, where (as you guessed,) they get to see my models, books, toys, and memories. Oh, and Johnny (and I) love Pecan Pie!

Karl's Green Tea
Most people know a little about a lot. Some people know a lot about a little. But Karl knows a lot about a lot. Karl is an old friend of mine from Utah. I met him at his health food store that he owned. He taught mea bout green tea, (and wheat grass too!.) And Karl knows a lot about everything. Just ask him. I have the utmost respect for everything he says. He’s my little Budda.

Kathleen's Spiced Apple
Kathleen is my wife’s best friend. They talk every week, at least once. She’s always positive, motivating, and has words of encouragement to offer. They’ve been friends for a long time. Kathleen has a “SPICY personality”. She’s a health-food FREAK and LOVES apples. What a great combination.

Leather Boots
What starts as practicality usually ends-up as a social statement. Boots have been around for thousands of years. I’m not sure who came-up with the idea of a leather boot. But the cowboys made a statement. A pair of long, worn-out leather boots that symbolized making a mark on the open-west. Although I’ve never worn leather boots, I bet it was an experience. As with everything else in life, I’m certain they became familiar, comfortable, and also very practical. Now, they’re worn for status (and still for practicality.) I can envision my worn-out leather boots sitting beside my bed. My six-shooter now far from my side. I wouldn’t have made it back then. Thank heavens for indoor plumbing.

Lemon Pucker
Remember the little candy lemon slices when you were younger? My mom still loves them, especially in the summertime. It makes me think about our swimming pool when my mom would sit on the deck while she says I “swam like a fish” in the water and we would be out there for hours just enjoying the sun and water. We don’t have the pool anymore, but you can still see where the pool stood in our yard.

Lily of the Valley
Lily of the Valley symbolizes purity, and is considered the fifth thing a bride should carry. And since it often symbolizes the return of spring, it also stands for the "return of happiness." It’s also a persistent plant, often spreading throughout a hillside. All the women of our family love the smell of Lily of the Valley. Especially at springtime.

Mom's Lilac Bush
The neighbors had a Lilac Bush that extended into the alley. Just 50 feet from my Mulberry Tree House. I LOVED the smell of the fresh Lilacs. So, one day, I asked M.J. (Mom) if we could plant a Lilac Bush in the backyard. Somehow, which I’ve found later in life, is part of my essence, we planted FOUR little Lilac Bushes that became HUGE Lilac Trees. One is gone, but those four trees helped erase the scars of a backyard baseball diamond. Although Mom likes the Lilacs, I know, as I do, she misses those days.

Movie Hot Buttered Popcorn
Did we go for the movie? (or for the Hot Buttered Popcorn?) A flood of people. The line’s getting long. HURRY! “I’ll go get the seats, you get the popcorn!” Settled into our seats with our 10 gallon jug of pop, we ceremoniously pass the Hot Buttered Popcorn from end-to-end. Chomp. Chomp. Chomp. SLURP! The previews are over, the movie starts. Ut oh. We need a refill! Can you taste it? I’m a sucker for the kernels. My wife loves the corn. Heaven would be the announcement that HBP is good for you!

Nuts About Hazel
Hazelnut reminds me of my Aunt. And I was nuts about her. Holidays at her apartment were oh, so special. Her name was Agnes. I miss you Aunt Agnes!

Our Squirrel's Secret Acorn Harvest
He knows we're looking. He acts so sly. As if we didn't notice what he was doing. The woods behind my house is home to many critters. But we have the most fun watching a King Size Squirrel hiding and harvesting his stash. Maybe "he's" a "she," I'll never know... But we find his acorns in the weirdest places - behind the screen door, or lying innocently on top of a brick on the chimney. I'm quite certain it's a game for him, because he's watching us too. I know his secret. He never starves because his secret is safe.

Pina Colada Cruise
The only time I order a Pina Colada is when I go on a cruise. If you’ve been on a cruise, you know what I mean. I step across the walkway onto the ship (Voyager Class only, please), and my stress stays in Miami. I hear the Carribean music, smell the salt air, and instantly am ready to order my Pina Colada. Then, sitting by the pool, as the ship sails away, I order another one. The only time I order a Pina Colada. I think I’m going to call my travel agent...:)

I love the word “Pure.” This is our attempt to offer you a PURE candle product. All we added was the heat (to melt the wax,) and a wick. If you like a candle for the flame, try this. This candle is pure.

Purely Pomegranate
Ahhhh...breath in deep and enjoy our wonderful fragrance called Purely Pomegranate. A fresh sensation that captures the sparkling radiance of the exotic pomegranate fruit. It exudes an inviting balance of natural sweetness and refreshment. Delightful!

Rose's Victorian Rose
Rose called the other night. I was working late making candles. I didn’t understand a word she said, but it didn’t matter. Her voice was all I needed to hear. Pure music to my ears. Excitement, enthusiasm and joy. She told me countless stories and I could have listened all night. I don’t want it to end. Rose is my 2 year old daughter.

Sage & Citrus
Sage & Citrus is like the bread and butter of the tea world. It is only through the perfectly complementary blending of fruity and spicy do the rich aroma tantalize your senses. Every time I smell sage and citrus I think to my self, “This must be what dreams are made of.”

Snow Angels
Do you ever  wonder how the idea of the first Snow Angel came about? Lying spread eagle on the cold, white snow, moving your limbs back and forth, jumping up quickly to admire your creation:) Ahhhh....simple, magical, childhood fun!

Snow Flake
Please let it snow this Christmas. Uncle John used to stand in the backyard and fly his remote-controlled plane. It would land in the snow. We had to wipe off the propeller. If it hadn’t snowed, it would have crashed. But I would have still wanted a white Christmas...

Every morning before school, Mom always placed three sticks of spearmint gum on the table next to my lunch money. I loved the spearmint gum, especially when I was trying to talk to one of the girls. Every time I smell this candle, it takes me back to unraveling the stick of gum, taking the first few bites, and trying to figure-out what to do with the wrapper. Would you like a piece of gum?

Spicy, Dicey, Santa
Santa has needs too. Let’s not talk about that, right? But if Santa is unhappy, it might cause us all to suffer. Mrs. Claus doesn’t get enough credit. JUST how would you reward your man for delivering presents to 50 Zillion people in one night?

Strawberry Champagne
I’d just returned from the MOST difficult 4 months of my life. No, not military. That would have been harder. No, I’d just finished selling books door to door. If you’ve ever sold books door-to-door, you know what I mean. But I made it, and Marnie had a chilled bottle of Champagne ready for me. And then we left for Europe to back-pack for 3 months. She’s been with me ever since, and I still recall the memory of coming home that night. A sip, a bottle, a fun night.

Sugar Cookie
Our Sugar Cookies... We called them "Ice Box Cookies." Holy Cow. Have you ever had a REAL Sugar Cookie? Best served with ice-cold milk. Dunk Them. Savor. Enjoy...!

Sunday Morning Hotcakes
As a kid, I remember waking up to the smell of hotcakes. (Blueberry hotcakes...) I’d run into the kitchen and watch as Mom served breakfast to my sisters - hotcakes with bacon and orange juice (and sometimes, chocolate milk.) She’d usually let us migrate into the living room to watch the cartoons. Cold outside. Warm inside. Can I have another Hotcake please?

Sweet Pea
"A thing of beauty is a joy for ever: Its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness; but still will keep a bower quiet for us, and a sleep full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing." John Keats

What color of tulip do you love? Red, purple, pink, white, black, orange, or yellow? Tulips in the springtime provide us with such color and cheer that we know that spring is here. What a relief, winter is ending and warmer weather is coming. Tulips help us bloom from the white winter into the color-filled season of Spring. So, pick your TULIP!

Vanilla Silk
The Blue Drug Store was always a mysterious place. Mom and Dad always took me there after a visit to the doctor’s office, with a shot from Reba! I always ordered a vanilla coke from the fountain. A fountain drink poured as I stood in awe. Although I was sick, something great was about to happen. A Vanilla Coke. Somehow, the building still stands among an assault from the “big box” retailers. It’s a fortress... for now.

Warm Banana Nut Bread
My sister Anne has been there for me. ALWAYS. She took me in when I was REALLY poor, not just "mildly poor," and ALWAYS gives me words of encouragement. For a long time, she’s given me warm banana nut bread. In a foil or wrapper. And it tastes great. She’s a great Mom and Wife, ...and SISTER... And she makes some mean Banana Nut Bread!

Wild, Wild, Wolfeberry
Ever meet a couple, and in a VERY short time, felt like you knew them for years? Not very often that you meet a Chad and Laine. Energy. Positive. Sheer enthusiasm. Get around Chad and Laine, and you’re instantly ignited. Nice to meet you, Laine and Chad....:)

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